Tale of feel embarressed each other

Mizuno Seiko Dancing Kids Studio, Japan
“Tale of feel embarressed each other”
Musik: Paganini/Philippe Ledue

filmed by Johnnie Behiri www.johnniebehiri.com
editing by Martin Rille www.rilleworks.com

direction / production: Peter Rille
artistic management: Eva Petters & Gregor Hatala
intern. coordination: Prof. Evelyn Tèri

balletmasters: Prof. Evelyn Tér, Harmen Tromp
editorial: Toni Berlakovich
accompanist: Aya Kaukal, Olga Poliakova
light: Odeon
sound: Martin Rille
stage assistance: Natalia Ivaschenko, Yulia Sheshina, Michael Legel
pr, coordination: Marianne Berlakovich, Dr. Mahmoud Badr

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